Prisoner Database Management Portal launched


IMPHAL, Oct 15
The Prisoner Database Management Portal of Manipur State Legal Services Authority (MASLSA) was launched today by Justice Ramalingam Sudhakar, Chief Justice, High Court of Manipur and Patron-in-Chief, MASLSA in the presence of  Justice Kh Nobin Singh,  Executive Chairman, MASLSA; Dr Rajesh Kumar, Chief Secretary; P Doungel, ADGP (Training & Prisons), Manipur.
The Judges of the High Court, along with members of the bar and the bench were also present in the online inauguration. Gaiphulshillu Golmei, Member Secretary, MASLSA stated that the Manipur SLSA is probably the first SLSA in the country to have developed such a functional Prisoner Database Management Portal. Setting up of the portal would ease most of the problems and difficulties faced by all the stakeholders, particularly the prisoners, she said.
Dr Rajesh Kumar, Chief Secretary,  appreciation to the entire team of MASLSA for developing the Prisoners Database Management Portal.
Justice Kh Nobin Singh stated that the idea of the portal is to integrate all the activities related to prison and prisoner management in the jail. This application suite would provide vital information about the inmates, lodged in the prisons, in a real time environment to the prison officials and other entities involved in the Criminal Justice System.
Then, in his inaugural speech, Justice Ramalingam Sudhakar appreciated MASLSA for developing the portal. He reiterated that the portal is a revolution in the criminal judiciary system and will provide better opportunity for providing effective legal aid/assistance for the prisoners.
P Doungel, ADGP (Training & Prisons),  appreciated MASLSA and stated that the portal will allow the jail authority to retrieve the information of the prisoners in real time with ease.
It may be noted that  the Prisoner Database Management Portal is a fully web based portal that can provide real time data of the prisoners along with the requisite details of their cases. Time spent in custody will also be available in real time on the portal. The portal intends to provide a much needed support system between the jails and the Courts of Manipur. It is hoped to bring about ease of flow of communications, whilst saving precious time and manpower at the same time. The Legal Aid Clinics at both the jails will be able to monitor the services so rendered more effectively. The portal is developed by Manipur State Legal Services Authority, said a statement of Sorokhaibam Sadananda, Deputy Member Secretary, Manipur State Legal Services Authority.