Centenary celebration of Anglo-Kuki War is already over: KNA

Our Correspondent
KANGPOKPI, Oct 16: 'Exactly after a year of centenary celebration of Anglo-Kuki War 1917-1919 at C Aisan village in Kangpokpi district,' Chief Minister N Biren Singh is said to inaugurate the monolith of the centenary celebration via video conference with changes in some of its inscription, tomorrow.
However, the Kuki National Assembly (KNA) said that the centenary celebration of Anglo-Kuki War 1917-1919 is already over and Chief Minister N Biren Singh inaugurating the same will be 365 days late.
It also said that demolition of the already inaugurated and dedicated monolith, any changes of words inscribed in it and the scheduled re-inauguration ceremony is not acknowledged and accepted by the Kuki National Assembly and its people, the Kukis.
Mangboi Haokip, president KNA, said that the outfit has no knowledge about the demolition of the already inaugurated and dedicated Anglo-Kuki War Centenary celebration monolith and erasing some words inscribed on it, such as "Ancestral Land and Freedom" and "Anglo-Kuki War.".
"For the people of the Kukis, the Centenary celebration is over and what is written in the monolith is already written. Changes after it are not known and accepted by the Kukis and it has no meaning at all for the Kukis as we have no such resolution", he asserted.
Further stating that 'Our Ancestral and Freedom' inscribed in the monolith should not be changed, he pointed out that the words 'Anglo-Kuki War' also cannot be replaced by the words 'Kuki Rebellion'.
Meanwhile, in his letter to Chief Minister N Biren, the KNA president Mangboi Haokip stated that it is lawful to remember Kuki ancestors who fought the invading British force and sacrifice their lives by writing, 'in defence of our ancestral land and freedom' in the monolith.
"At any cost, the Kukis try to maintain cordial relationships with the Meeteis brethren but our patience is running out owing to the indifferent attitude and 'divide and rule policy' of the Chief Minister, " he added.
Continuing that annexation of tribal territories on the pretext of administrative convenience was properly recorded by the International Human Rights Association (IHRA), he added that all these events compelled the Kukis to decide their future by having a separate political administration.