North Eastern Tale

Moirangthem Minakshi Devi
I captured a blissful sight of seven flamboyant hills.
It pleased overly my moist naked eyes,
A range of seven,known for unison, they say.
Sun's bright light setting on these ancient hills,ornaments its beauty,
It's an adage since times immemorial.
Vibrant cultures collide,of tribes dissimilar,
Melodies of its peaceful coexistence pass through generations.

Its grace knows no bounds- from 'Sana Loktak' to the 'Mighty Brahmaputra',
Sangai- 'the Dancing Deer' of Kangleipak, Red Panda of Sikkim to the Ghyal of Arunachal.
Its Mount Iso to Naga-Mizo hills slumbers in beauty.
Celebrated 'Phunga Wari'to the 'Garo folktales',

Forbidden and primitive Shirui Lily of the Shirui Hills,
Surrounded by flora far flung and exotic fauna.
Its aboriginal traditions has a sweetness sporadic.
Its diversity merged to form a rainbow,
Seven colours connote the Seven Sisters.
Travellers from overseas explore the unexplored.
The history of The east called the North East.