The price of compassion

Dr Ranbir Laishram
A young charismatic,
Diligent doctor he was,
Full of enthusiasm and life,
Known to all,
For his service to humanity,
Fixed in the Motto "service to humanity is service to God".
As a young soul,
Toiled day and night,
Spent whole of his youthful life,
To get the degree,
To enable him to serve the humanity.

He saw a poor lad in destitute.
Seeing the family's desperation,
Selflessly, he plunged to save the life,
Even when the whole world denied.
Unfortunately the outcome turned dismal.
Blinded by anger,
Mob lynched him,
Media defamed him.
Unable to bear the humiliation,
He took his own life.

Is this the end of his short journey ?
The end of his career ?
Is this the price he gets for his humility?
Alas! Humans are so ungrateful.
He ventured with a good heart,
Without any ulterior motive.
But nobody came to his rescue.
All those he helped,
All those he operated and healed,
Everybody was against him.
What a life,what a tragedy !
Is this the price of his compassion ?