CADA blames ‘faulty’ policy for surge in COVID cases

IMPHAL, Oct 16
Coalition Against Drug and Alcohol (CADA) has expressed deep concerned over the rapid rise in COVID-19 cases and deaths due to the virus, and blamed Government for 'faulty' approaches and measures.
Despite months of lockdown, the State is being overwhelmed by the virus due to 'ineffective' control measures and 'disproportionate' arrangement to provide treatment to the affected persons, said CADA in a statement it issued today.
Shortage of beds in hospitals, plight of patients lodged at COVID Care Centres regarding the care provided to them  and administration of medications clearly shows the 'failed' management and 'lack' of seriousness from the Department concerned, it said.
What is more concerning is the new instruction issued by the Health Department allowing 'discharge of patients' after a span of 10 days even without a test if he or she is asymptomatic, CADA continued while expressing concern that such a step could lead to a big disaster.
Moreover, delay in providing test results by testing facilities across the State are adding to the woes, it said.
'Irresponsible' replies citing loss of test samples, on being enquired are also becoming quite common, CADA alleged while adding that officials and well connected persons are very unlikely to go through these circumstances.
Many persons, after testing COVID-19 positive, are also subjected to face difficulties with authorities concerned failing to transport them to respective COVID Care Centres in time, it said.
In the meantime, denial of assessment of patients including emergency cases at Government run and private hospitals prior to COVID tests, and failing to attend to patients even after the arrival of the test results, are also putting lives of many in danger. Some have even died due to lack of timely treatment, it said while urging the Chief Minister who is holding the Health Ministry portfolio to act against 'irresponsible and inconsiderate' officials to make sure that all get equal treatment and lives are saved.