Change and continuity

Free Thinker
When we were children we heard of Naga peace talks and today we are still hearing of Naga peace talks. This is continuity. Earlier we heard of Mr Phizo these days we hear about Mr Muivah. This is  the change. Earlier it was Nehru then Vajpai and now Modiji ; only the names have changed, the designation remains the same and the Naga issues continue. Honestly in the last few decades Naga areas have developed steadily and also remained calm perhaps because of the continuing negotiation. Continuity has brought changes for good. So, parleys must continue. How long ? Until a change.
When we were young we were told by our parents and elders that we must support honest and dedicated netas. Still we are preaching  that everyone should support good and honest leaders. This is continuity. In reality the results are stunning and just the opposite.  Honest scoundrels are running the States. This is again an example of continuity. Only change is the Assembly Building and its location.
Once a Prof who taught us in the University told us that if you guys are not entering politics and enter Parliament or Assembly you all will be compelled to be ruled by your inferiors and throughout your life you will always remain grumbling and frustrated. This truth is constantly continuing. No sign of change is visible.
Generation gap is a reality in every society and I read somewhere that the generation gap occurs at an interval of 33 years or so. Nowadays the gap has shrunk to a great extent perhaps because of the terrific technological advancements and unending spread of knowledge and awareness in an incredible speed. Amazing advancements that have taken place in the last 20 years particularly in the field of internet and mobile telephone has made the world topsy-turvy . Consequently the generation gap occurs every ten years or so. The new generation learns faster and  they grow with the technology but the earlier generation lags far behind. Gap still continues but the gap is more in technological paradigm.
Forty years ago there was  no television  in the State; TV came along with the Delhi Asian Games of 1982 ; we started watching Doordarshan programs in Black and White TVs. The Doordarshan was the only channel enjoyed by one and all. Today we have Colour TVs and the channels are uncountable. TV is continuing but the viewership is shifting to YouTube or other networks.
We used to have tap water but these days our children are having bottled water or RO water. We four/five used to share a mug or a glass to have water but we never got sick. Today our children don't share glass with others while sipping anything but they get unwell so easily.
Our parents never gave us food supplements or extra minerals to remain fit and healthy.These days our children are getting all kinds of supplements and vitamins yet they are unhealthy. We used to eat a lot of rice but never gained weight. Our children eat a lot of other foods and they become fat. We used to play real games with real friends. Our children play virtual games with imaginary friends.
When we did not know a thing we used to consult our  teachers or parents or elders. Our children these days hardly consult their parents or teachers or elders but they simply approach Google Baba or Wikipedia Uncle.  Knowledge continues but the experts have changed.
Some sixty years ago there were no colour photos in Manipur. Only black and white photos were in fashion. But those photos are full of colourful memories. These days we have colour photos embedded in mobile phones and hardly have emotional attachment. Photos continue but the intrinsic sentimental value is diminishing.
Lilong Assembly segment is a Muslim dominated Constituency. It will be difficult to win an election by a Parivar person in this Constituency. This is a continuous bane for them in such areas. However, the Saffron party may do prudent politics here too by gaining a seat without contest. Center decides at the macro level not at the micro level. A skilful micro management in the name of macro manager will be applauded if it comes out with flying colours. Continuity of the MLA may be assured but the change in political affiliation may also be effected later. This is called change in continuity.