Meetei Tomba condoled

IMPHAL, Oct 17
The People’s Revolutionary Party of Kanglei (PREPAK) has condoled the demise of Meetei Tomba on October 15 and shared in the grief of his family members.  
According to a release of PREPAK, Meetei Tomba had sacrificed a lot and took a major role to safeguard and promote the then dying Meetei religion and culture.
Meetei Tomba, was born to Ayekpam Gulamjat and Wangkheimayum Ningol Kumari Leima of Sagolband Tera Loukrakpam Leikai on April 8, 1930.
He did his schooling from Tera Keithel LP School. In those days people who follow Meetei religion were discriminated against by the Branha Sava and the people who run the Government, the release said.  
Even though he was of young age he followed the footstep of Laininghal Naoriya Fulo in his endeavor to promote Meetei religion.  
In 1955 he passed IA from DM College. He started working at PWD in 1956 and during the night time he attended college at Manipur College from where he passed his graduation.
During his time in college he work to promote Meetei religion with the  idea of  “Sanamahi religion and we Meetei,” it further said
Some of his important contribution included:  
He established Meetei Marup at Wangkhei Thambalkhong in 1945 and on October 25, 1959 established “Khwai Meetei Thougal Langal Marup.”  
On March 7, 1966 he camped with 60 people at Koubru where Meetei believed to have originated, to worship.
On September 19, 1970 he went to Maha Koireng Khul and read the “Wakoklok Thilel Salai Amailol Pukok Puya” to the people.
In 1972, he contributed in publishing Kanglei Puya “ Wakoklol Thilel Salai Amailol Pukok” in Bengali Script.
In 1999, he spearheaded the Joint Action Committee for inclusion of Sanamahi Religion in the Census of 2001.
In 2003  he spearheaded the “ Loinasillon Apunba” and went to Orissa to explain that the Manipur in Mahavarat in Vadrak District is not the our Manipur (Kangleipak).
Meanwhile, the Meetei Erol Eyek Loinashillol Apunba Lup (MEELAL), in a separate release, has also condoled the demise of Ayekpam Tomba.