NSCN/GPRN issues condemnation over Assam Rifles’ conduct

IMPHAL, Oct 16
“The insipid and unruly behavior of the ubiquitous Assam Rifles (AR) never stops to torment the Naga people,” said a release issued by NSCN/GPRN.
 On 12th October, 2020, the 34th AR brutally assaulted one NSCN cadre, 2nd lieut Kennedy Lj near Don Bosco College, Maram in Senapati district without any provocation. The NSCN officer was not in possession of any detrimental documents or materials to warrant such an inhuman brutality. He was taken to their (AR) battalion headquarters at Maram Bazaar. There he was brutally tortured while being interrogated. He was set free only after the intervention of the civil societies, said the release.
Another incident of unwarranted arrest took place at the hands of the 19th AR in the morning of 14th October, 2020 at Jairampur, Changlang district, Arunachal Pradesh, it further said.
Col Keewang Deosha of the Naga Army was simply arrested without any provocation except for being a member of NSCN, it said.
Earlier, on the 9th October, 2020 the 5th AR at around 9 pm raided the residence of an NSCN officer Lt Col Among at Signal Angami, Sector A, Dimapur. They took pictures of his personal documents including PAN card, Aadhaar card, ATM card and passbook. The same night, another group of the 5th AR raided the NSCN cadres rented house at Signal Angami, Dimapur, it continued.
“The unyielding AR has become a serious matter of indignation for the Naga people as they continue to show total disregard of the agreed ceasefire ground rules (CFGR),” the release said.
“NSCN strongly condemn such high-handedness of the AR. The Cease Fire Monitoring Group (CFMG) should look into the matter with all seriousness to halt the arrest and raiding spree of the AR. The office, in the fitness of maintaining the spirit of ceasefire must act upon to save the situation from going bad and secure the unconditional release of Col Keewang Deosha,” it added.