Ningol Club demands action against 'erring' doctor

IMPHAL, Oct 17 : The Ningol Club, Heirok has demanded action against the concerned doctor who 'pronounced Elangbam Mocha as dead' on October 15 but was found to have a pulse when the body was about to be cremated.
Expressing strong suspicion of negligence on the part of the concerned doctor, Ningol Club in a statement has said that Elangbam Mocha (18) of Heirok Part-2 was admitted at the ICU of Regional Institute of Medical Sciences (RIMS) after he was 'kicked hard by a horse' on October 13.
The deceased was first rushed to a Community Health Centre at Heirok and to Thoubal District Hospital before he was referred to RIMS considering the seriousness of the patient's condition, it said. Sadly, Mocha was declared dead on October 15. He was about to be cremated when a local medicine man detected pulses in him and subsequently he was taken again to Shija Hospital but was declared brought dead, the Ningol Club said.
It is obvious that not all patients can be saved by doctors but the 'irresponsible doctors' who pronounced him as dead and issued death certificate instead of carefully attending to the patient who was in a very critical condition should be punished, it said.
The incident may not be the first and such circumstances must have a lot to do with conflicts between a patient party and hospital staff, it said while adding that such negligence if goes unattended could cost much more lives.
Citing death cases due to doctors and hospital staff ignoring patients on the pretext of COVID-19 threat, the club also drew the attention of the State Government to take up appropriate actions against doctors whose irresponsible and erring response have forced many people to die 'unreasonably.'
Giving 'special attention to the rich and well-linked patients' and 'uncaring treatment' to the poor cannot be accepted and is condemnable at the strongest term, the Ningol Club continued.
Saying that Mocha was a victim of being born to a poor family, the club demanded action against 'erring doctor' and appropriate compensation to the bereaved family.
If the Government fails to pay heed to their demands at the earliest, people of Heirok will stage a series of agitations, the club warned.