Acceptance is happiness

Birkarnelzelzit Thiyam
It’s not about bedecking it with flowery words to make it sound eventful but yes falling in love is as confusing as rocket science. Never was I so sure of what goes within and without falling for XYZ. Well ! Don’t get me wrong, don’t think I am drowning in what’s commonly called ‘Loveria.’ This might sound really stupid or crazy but with all honesty, lately I have started falling in love with myself.
I never knew I am a story by itself. Nehru Tokpam – a very old friend of mine, I had a recent meet-up with him – the Sainik School stories that broke our long-after meeting was just everything worth experiencing. “Do you remember the time we got kicked for stealing milk from the dining hall ?” That was the first thing Nehru said. Never knew memories are a story by itself, never knew I could be complete with what I went through, never knew loneliness is nothing but ignoring the past. Past is a wall or a filter that turns most to sweets. To make it even more interesting, the past is more like a changer of the worst to its best. The hardest to cross turns the sweetest when you look back. I know this might sound really crazy – I love looking back to those I thought I would never cross.
Achievements never lie in-front but always behind us. Just as crazy as it sounds – happiness is what happened not what’s happening. Confused ? Let me break this up for you – you never know what’s good or bad until you go through it. Everything that you touch is something you touched when seen in the next moment. I know everything that’s beautiful is momentary. Sorry to say but – the best cake can make you happy for not more than two seconds.
If you are a life - living for just those moments, then you are stuck in the worst investment bank. To live a life with complete control of the time and span of happiness is a blessing by nature. Let me increase the craziness for a bit – I never believe in ‘present.’ Everything or most has just the two, ‘this or that,’ ‘yes or no,’ ‘come or go,’ ‘black or white.’ Well ! Some must already be disagreeing with me, coz there are seven colors in a rainbow and that’s not two. I do respect the potential opinions but I am projecting my view from a dual perspective. What's happening is just the nearest past, it’s still a past or you are just experiencing the closest past. Anything that’s yet to happen can’t be considered a past, so that’s still enclosed in the walls of the future.
So it’s just the past or future. And what you call momentary is still the nearest past. Still confused ? Well ! What’s now is not really now but what just left. So happiness is a thing of the past, and the only means to increase happiness is with accepting what happened. And only with this acceptance – the true self-love will be born.
You can’t just love what’s about to happen by ignoring the past. Love agrees with no walls, love never re-considers with partitions – love is one or nothing. So only having to accept what you went through and the lessons you learnt will only be the key to open the ultimate Pandora of happiness. And yes, I think I found a way to do that – “Start talking to your childhood friends.” The events you thought happened in your life that was shameful will change its course because of your friend’s perspective towards it. Well ! What if he finds the same event shameful ? There is always a saying – two failures are happier than a lonely successful person.
Today, call up your long lost friends – tell them how stupid they were and how important they are. I am glad that Nehru Tokpam just made me feel better about me peeing on my bed when I was in class 9.
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