MSAD conducts historical awareness programme

IMPHAL, Oct 19
Manipur Students' Associat-ion Delhi (MSAD) yesterday conducted a historical awa-reness programme at various parts of Delhi in commemora-tion of the inaugural session of Manipur State Assembly on October 18, 1948.
The programme was organised to recall the history of Manipur which became one of the first democratic Nations and make it known to the people, said a statement of MSAD.
During the programme, MSAD reached out to the international community informing about the 'People's Republic of Manipur', it said.
International treaties signed with other countries with kings including the signing of treaty of accession to India were highlighted during the event.
People were also informed that Manipur was an independent Nation before the 'forceful occupation' by India and had its own Constitution and an elected form of Government under Manipur State Constitution Act (MSCA), 1947 during the programme, it said.
King Bodhachandra inaugurated the first session 'Manipur National Assembly' attended by '53 elected members (including 6 directly nominated members, 5 hills representatives and 1 valley representative)' on October 18, 1948, said MSAD while adding that Manipur was one of the two 'Constitutional Monarchies' similar to that of Britain, in South East Asia with a good balance of power sharing between hill and valley people.
It was also informed that the 'Merger Agreement' signed by king Bodhachandra is 'invalid' as per the MSCA, 1947 and thus cannot be accepted, it said.
The war like situation between Manipur and India which emerged only after the 'alleged signing of the agreement' on gunpoint was also highlighted during the awareness programme, it said while adding that India, despite having knowledge of the historical facts, has been ignoring the issues.
MSAD also stressed on the importance of creating awareness about the rich history of Manipur which existed even before India came into being, it said.
MSAD also appealed to all to refrain from divisive and negative thoughts to preserve the unique identity of Manipur.