Forms of greed

Birkarnelzelzit Thiyam
Lately, I have been learning more to respond than to just react. I have always been afraid to tell people how I feel because it will destroy them – really tried hard to bury it deep inside myself where it started destroying me. Little did I know how hard it is to be silent when the only thing life ask for is a bang, it’s hard to keep up with consistency when the only thing life ask for is versions to face uncertainties, it’s hard to smile when the only thing life provide is suffering, it’s hard to cry when the only people surrounding you are craps, it’s hard to run when the only thing life ask for is to hide.
Some says life’s a mystery and for some it’s their own making. Why can’t you be the Mistry of this mystery? Well, that was just for rhyme. But honestly – if life falls under any of the expert’s definitions then there would be ways to get away with this life easier. This ain’t definition I am about to say but to me life is just – you walking on a treadmill, it’s not you moving but trying to keep up, for life won’t drag you but kick you off. All we do is gain time.
If all we do is nothing but gain time, what role does greed play in life? Or does money or physical wealth levitate you above any? More goes for ‘comfort’ and ‘necessity’ goes to keep up. Let me break more -  all you need to keep up with the time is ‘enough food, clothes, water and shelter.’ Yes, the role of greed ? Greed created competition, and changed it to another greedy word call ‘motivation.’ And now greed had become the only hope for growth. How piteous that might sound, it’s the hard truth. Some even changed the word greed to patriotism.
Wanna know another hard reality ? People like us, who are truly involved in the system but changed the word ‘greed’ to ‘social work’ just to get fame and recognition. I am being 100% honest with this, sorry if this offends anyone. If we go back to the drawing board where our basics are flashed black and white, you will know that – most social organisation are hunting for nothing but recognition and power. How do I know? I was a part of it.
Greed has poisoned mankind, but again what would life be without greed ? Say – just love and love. Do you think all the fights and the wars would end right away ? Can you be in love with anything on this earth ? Any species – even bacteria ? Sensible ? If so, then all the pharmaceutical companies have to shut down right away – you have to stop all kinds of treatment for illness. If I am true, let me ask this – do you know why you want to be treated ? To be alive – by what ? Killing the germs inside you. Then where has ‘love and love’ gone ? Seriously ? Love can stop the war ? Well! Love started the war – it’s the most volatile abstract in the world. ‘Love all’ is near to impossibility. It’s the only thing that created the division, too much this side – distanced you from the other side.
“Save mother earth” really ? Another fake slogan–for billions and billions of years it survived–all kinds of collisions, hurricanes, fire, earthquake and everything that could finish humans in a blink and it survived. And me, throwing a bag of “KURKURE” in the river will kill the mother earth – it won’t kill her but us, the stupidest virus. Just wanting to survive the time, and yet acting like we own the time – greed really had us dig our own graves.  
Am here – acting like I can solve. Another one, with greed - we are just survivors surviving by killing the weaker ones and without greed – we just have to run away from those who will kill us. So, in summary – this article is as messy as life – or just another hard reality.

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