India sees 580 more Covid deaths, lowest in 98 days


India sees 580 more Covid
Deaths from Covid-19 infections in India fell to 580 on Saturday, the lowest single-day toll from the virus in 98 days, as the pandemic continued to slow down in most parts of the country.
India had last recorded a lower daily death count on July 18, as per TOI’s database collated from official numbers released by State Governments. The average daily death toll this week has fallen to half the numbers reported during the pandemic’s peak in the country in mid-September. The highest number of Covid-19 deaths in a single day was 1,275 recorded on September 15.
The fall in fresh cases too continues. There were 51,023 new infections reported on Saturday, the lowest so far this week (except on Monday, when cases fall sharply for other reasons). The country’s total caseload stood at 78,63,913 while active cases had declined to 6.75 lakh.
At 70,69,999, recoveries from the infection accounted for 89.9% of all cases, just a fraction short of the 90% mark.
Meanwhile, Kerala again reported the highest count of fresh cases in the country at 8,253, although the tally in the State had dropped slightly from Friday’s figure of 8,511.
Delhi reported 4,116 cases, the highest count since September 18. The pandemic also continued to rage in Bengal, which reported 4,148 new infections, close to its peak of 4,157 logged on Thursday.
For the sixth day in a row, Maharashtra continued to report a drop in new cases, adding 6,417 patients and 137 deaths on Saturday. The count of new cases continued to drop in Mumbai as well, which crossed the 2.5 lakh mark in overall cases since March.