BJP Government : Boon or bane for Ukhrul?

L Luingam
As darkness precedes the dawn of day, sowing before reaping, people of Ukhrul had always  anticipated and steadfastly hoped for the last 40 years or so that one day or the other day BJP Government would come to power in the State of Manipur.
Taking pride in this conviction many of us had embraced and clung ourselves to BJP and remained in it with strong commitment until today. Nobody can deny the fact that all this has come to past under the sway of late Shri Yangmaso Shaiza, Ex-Chief Minister of Manipur and his families.
It is needless to say that the political journey of Shaiza families was not all song of joy. It was mingled with full of tears, trials and ordeals and so also was the case with hundreds of hard core leaders and thousands of ardent followers of BJP Ukhrul who bore the brunt of heat along with Shaiza  families with all their hearts and souls.
Nevertheless it is disheartening to see that the present BJP Government seems to have not acknowledged our pain of endurance and struggle for such a long period of years.  
While the BJP led NDA Government under the  leadership of Shri Modiji has strong control at the centre, the  political scenario of Ukhrul district turns out quite the opposite with the fact that only one BJP candidate got elected in the last ADC elections and having failed to win even a single seat in the last Assembly elections rendering the people of Ukhrul BJP to the position of an orphan in the district.
The flaw of this lies solely not with the public but partly on absence of political mentors in the party at district level and also partly on failure to identify the right candidates coupled with issuance of party tickets to the wrong candidates by the party authority in some cases. Elections are now at the door again accompanied by a lot of questions left unanswered.
Now with the coming of BJP Government in Manipur, the number of enrollment to BJP Ukhrul has increased tremendously. This is a positive sign to the party and we have always wanted this to happen. Let us all be assets of the party, not liabilities. Notwithstanding this, it has become an open secret that BJP Ukhrul is not in harmony.
It is on the verge of becoming a divided house. At this very juncture, we should be aware of the fact that a discordant voice and clash of opinion within the party will only sharpen the teeth of the opposing parties. It is obvious that prolonged internal dissension among ourselves may in the long run lead to score suicidal goal.
Human beings and his nature being what it is, breach of opinion,conflict of interest and clash of ideas are bound to happen, yet, there is always an avenue for reconciliation and righting the wrong. It would be an indiscreet act if one denies to atone for the past mistakes and misadventures Man is so apt to think that his thought is the best one unaware of the truth that human heart is so deceptive. More often than not, it gives us the wrong opinion of ourselves.
Sometimes, man is full of self-pity, at other times self-esteem, self-will and self-love always abound in us. As we expect others to respect our views so also we should respect the other person’s point of views in return. Let us consider and think of the opportunity we have missed for our weakness to tune in and acclimatize ourselves with the changing political scenario of Manipur. Until we have wept for the ruin, we will never be able to build the wall.
In the domain of politics, being in the Opposition is tantamount to staying half naked in the cold winter night which some of you possibly have never yet experienced but I have been undergoing through this for many years. So,let us forgive one another. Forgiveness may be free but it is not at all cheap.
 Corrective measures within the party should be taken up with the objective of safeguarding one’s right and restoring peace and harmony in the party and not in the spirit of vindictiveness. Well,let bygones be bygones.
Let us now walk and act together circumspectly like brothers in arms and move forward with concerted heart and voice  to achieve our long cherished goal and make the present BJP Government a boon for Ukhrul.
The writer is from Ramva, Ukhrul District