What I saw from my window ?

Bretina Rajkumari
We know that we are living a blessed life now after so much of the hard work and struggle for developing our societies and necessities. Just to embark the life we are living today, we have done things with inclusion of inventing various techs to get over our task easier and quicker. “Science and technology,” it’s something that re-wrote history. With science and technology, most of our activities have been made easier but on the other side havve made us to lazier ! Nonetheless it is now the greatest necessity of today’s generation. To remind ourselves, it is through science that we came to know about the facts and fundamentals of almost every single thing that exist, from how life started to how everything will end.
Just like everyone else, I also have been rolling down this life, building up my skills-studying hard, playing, laughing and everything just like others. Now, as I get to know a little more about this world, I came to realise that we are forgetting about certain things that we should adore even-though we have gotten so advanced. In this advanced world we are just surrounded with choices and capabilities. So, what are we forgetting ? Yes, it’s our mother nature-who gave us live. These days, most of the people don’t seem to care much about the natural resources while people are too much confined in their own world. I do know that monetary necessity does exist. But, I’m going to write about the things that we have done or caused so far to our environment and how I feel about it because of human greed.
Back in the days, when I was just a beginner to this world, I had the privilege of playing with friends in playgrounds, run into the fields, climb trees and pluck fruits and hence I really enjoyed my childhood days. But since things have changed, we also have changed a lot. Nowadays, I can’t see much trees and children aren’t playing as much as they should. Moreover, I heard so many things from the news like forest-fire, sudden increase of temperature, cleaning of forest in many parts of the world and everytime I hear such news, I would always feel under the weather but can’t do anything. And if we clear the forest then where would all the animals and birds go ? We are taking away their homes for our benefits and we know that but still we can’t stop these things completely. Should I just be a kid and watch my seniors kill all the birds and let them leave all for just books-only to learn as list of extinct birds in science ?
The climatic condition is also becoming uncontrollable day by day because of “Global Warming” and we clearly know what this is and what its causes are. It’s only the start of my generation and the condition of the world has become extremely uncomfortable. The trees, rivers, land and the air we breathe, they have done so much for us and we humans did use to love them so much but nowadays it seems like our love for them is fading and it hurts so much just even to think about it.  
Talking about development, the technology is so much advanced now, it is helping us in many ways as well as destroying us on the other side. The global warming, pollution, famine, water storage and many more problems like these are all the consequences of our actions. We can’t deny that these threats are increasing day-by-day and there will be a time when these threats will be the cause for extinction of many species of the world. And preventing from waking up to such future is still a possibility.
In order to live, we need the natural resources and we have to start thinking about sustainable management. Just because they can’t talk or move, we can’t just keep doing anything we want with them. They have been taking care of us since so many years just like our parents but we are using them recklessly as if they are for granted. But I think it’s time for us to take care of them and cherish them. I know the Government is also taking up many steps to save the natural resources and many more things for our environment, but we should also not just wait for only the Government, we also need to do our part in this conservation process but our part is not that difficult, it’s just that we have to be conscious about the dos and don’ts of the works that we do. And the most important thing is about teaching our generations and encouraging them to speak up for what’s right.
Even though an ordinary person like me criticize all these things, there is not even a drop of change and that makes me sadder than ever. Even saying so, I just want to make everyone aware about what we should do for the sake of our future generations. Just like me, there are many others who couldn’t do anything even if they know everything. But we shouldn’t give up that easily and we shouldn’t lose hope. If there is nothing impossible in this world then wouldn’t it be possible for us to save our earth? It’s just that we need to be thoughtful and conscious about our doings.

The writer is a Class 8, section B student of UNACCO and can be reached at [email protected]