Law of duality

Dr Sumedha Kushwaha
All phenomenon in nature follow the law of duality. The law of duality means that two exact opposite results derive out of a same thing. The nature teaches us that following each sunrise is a sunset. After each day there is a night, after every spring there fails to be an autumn, each organism living shall soon be dead. Look closely, it exists in all things at all times.
While jumping, the deeper you dip down, the higher you jump. Similarly, while going through the ordeals in life when you feel most desolated and dejected-be sure to see success soon. When we go through tough times, people often ask us to be patient. I used to wonder- Why patience? What’s the point of keeping mum? Why not fight back now ? But after reading “Tao The Ching” by Lao Tzu, I have understood that this duality exists everywhere. When we keep patient, we just let this process occur through us not to us. The circumstances remain the same. However, now we crib, we cry, we lament with hope. We are hopeful because we know that it is a Universal Law and we are all same in the eyes of the Universe. The Universe doesn’t favour or dislike any of its creations more than the other. The law remains the same for each organism.
When we understand the principle of duality and when we are the apex of our career or at the pinnacle of happiness in life, we also understand that unhappiness will follow. We become more and more detached with these external circumstances and start to take both of these two as the same. A lot of people live in fear. Earlier, I thought, may be the fear penetrates inside our brains and becomes a part of us. On the contrary, now I understand that if there is a time for fear and there is a time for bravery too. We should not worry. If you have met someone you really love, be prepared to lose.
And if you have lost someone close, be sure to meet them back very soon. But the catch is that it all happens in its own time, not early- not late. There is a perfect time for union and separation. Be assured that the Universe or a more intelligent force will take care of it. And those who think that there is no Universe or God! Huh! I ask you rethink because you were just a drop of human tissue which grew into a mass swimming inside a water bag for your first nine months and you didn’t need anything more because you had surrendered to the universal intelligence.
Duality in conclusion, will not only make you understand that good is because of bad, short is because of long, light is because of dark. It takes away your notion of good and bad. It gives you courage to face during adversity and practice detachment when you are in luxury. Impermanent is the only permanent. Have a blissful Sunday, do not just read this. A lot of people may know this already but this time try to observe this and practice it when you need it.