Change to walk the path of success

Birkarnelzelzit Thiyam
Today’s article might sound a little crazy and under but trust me, there is a sweet corner. Behind your greatest fear lies your greatest success – and let me say this – on your face, behind your greatest excuse lies your greatest strength. Do you know the commonest denominator of failure ? Or to get it personal- do you know why you are failing ? 99% of you will never say it because of you. When you fail, you look for reasons outside. So – you fail again. Change and willingness to change is the only hope for success but if you wake up tomorrow morning and tell me that your failure was because of someone or something else – then you have no hope for change.
Repeat after me – “I am failing because of me, the decisions that I make, the energy I put in and I am not going to pass the blame on anything.” The moment you look yourself in the mirror and yell at yourself with these words, trust me – “you will change.” And you know the deep psychology behind that – because no one likes to think themselves as failures but are not willing to change to face the discomfort, that crave for comfort keeps them stagnant but limitless arms of ambitions will stretch -  giving back nothing but jealousy and anger because of their laziness to change.
Let’s keep this simple – if you wanna take ownership of only the good and not the bad, you will be just a half filled king. Take ownership of the good and the bad, be man enough to take the blame yourself, accept it – overcome it and change the way you work, period. The greatest man in the world have failed more than you have tried – you can learn from your mistakes when you are not busy denying them – listen please readers – you are polluted, am not kidding ! You really are – your negativity inside you is your enemy – so listen – if you want to rule the world then defeat yourself first.
It’s all the choice – a winner is a loser who did it just one more time. Just keep going readers – because people in life win by offence not defence. You came to life with nothing so stop having the concept of finding yourself – you came with nothing – what is the thing you are trying to find, life is all about creating yourself. To create yourself you need to know that what lies behind or what lies before us is nothing compared to what lies within us. You are more than what you can do. Never stop in life – keep going for life is not like chess that stops after checkmate – coz in life you have no ending.
I have heard people say that - today’s tears water tomorrow’s garden, but what is actually “tomorrow?” Is today not the tomorrow for yesterday ? Don’t mix up the natural time with your fictional dramatic time. Just enjoy what you do with sweat but not tears. Every morning you have two options – to still be in the dream or to get up and chase the dream. Choose wisely.
Like Albus said, “Happiness is found even in the darkest of times, when one only remembers to turn on the light.” It’s all the choice – live a life of your choice. Your first choice is to grow, for growth is the only hope for change. Growth too is just a perspective, your maximum yesterday is today’s minimum. Keep growing.
If you have a phone with you now, take some time out – after reading this article – google “opposite word of success,” you know the answer ? FAILURE. This is not just the problem for google, it’s killing many dreams with this horribly wrong translation. Failure was, is and will never be the opposite word for success. If you think it is, you are voluntarily turning opportunities to obstacles. Repeat after me – failures are a part of success. The moment you start failing, trust me you are starting to be on the right path.
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