Let the law take its own course, why meddle with election matter of ADC?

Daniel Ramsan
In a democracy, let us see what the law of the land will say. By virtue of Section 13 of “The Manipur (Hill Areas) District Councils Act, 1971”, the term of office of a member shall be five years and the proviso which read, “provided that the administrator may, when satisfied that it is necessary in order to avoid administrative difficulty, extend the term of office of all the members by such period not exceeding one year as he thinks fit”.
As such, the only way to decide whether there shall be an extension of the term of office or not can be known only when the Administrator decides whether there is “administrative difficulties” or not.
However, the Administrator cannot simply decide on his own whims that there are administrative difficulties but rather take into consideration all the information, analyze the situation and the current pandemic condition (Covid-19).
Whether he has the capacity to control and conduct the election while maintaining SOP, extending cooperation to the civil societies, providing necessary security and Govt machineries, etc. only after taking into consideration all these factors can the Administrator decide whether there is ‘administrative difficulties’ or not.
Extension or non-extension wholly depends upon the sole wisdom and decision of the Governor. While making the decision, it is of utmost importance that the Administrator be not swayed or influenced by any political motives but instead make the decision relying wholly on his own administrative skills with respect to ‘Administrative difficulties’.
Thus, we cannot just raise our finger and request for extension or non- extension of the term of office on our own whims and limited knowledge and common sense but must rest the matter on the administrative knowledge and power of the Administrator and let the law take its own course.