DAY-NRLM : Promoting nutri-gardens and backyard poultry

Nita Kejrewal  
Contd from previous issue
Along with awareness generation activities amongst these target groups, they also push demand for nutrition services and entitlements, such as those provided in the monthly Village health Sanitation and Nutrition Days. For this they work in tandem with ANMs, ASHAs and Anganwadi Workers to ensure entitlements like the Take Home Ration and consumption of IFA tablets are availed by these target groups.
Poshan Sakhis also work closely with Krishi Sakhis to set up kitchen gardens and backyard poultry in the homes of these nutritionally at-risk women. These activities are in addition to the existing emphasis on breastfeeding, complementary feeding and nutrition of children. Learnings from the programme in Chhattisgarh have been scaled up in six districts in the state and will be taken further.
DAY-NRLM has partnered with Civil Society Organisations like PRADAN to promote nutri-sensitive agricultural practices and livelihoods in various districts. Chhattisgarh -State Mission has also converged with departments of agriculture to provide saplings and seeds for development of nutri-gardens. Similar efforts have been underway across the State missions.
The mission is also committed towards making its food nutrition health and WASH strategies gender transformative to ensure women are empowered to address gender issues that affect access to these services. Women’s health must be foregrounded with strengthening women-led livelihoods and enterprises.
These measures are necessary for sustained change to enhance women’s health and achieving nutrition goals set out in the DAY-NRLM as well as in the Poshan Abhiyaan.

The author is Joint Secretary, Ministry of Rural Development, Government of India