Choices : Within or without ?

Birkarnelzelzit Thiyam
If life was a game of choices then it would have been much easier, for all you need to be is being wise to choose wisely. But what about those times when life gives you no choices, just a blank space ? What about those times where you see nothing in-front of you? Where are the choices during these times ?
Remember those days when you had painting competitions in your school ? Let me take you back to one of my old stories – shiny regular summer afternoon of 2009 in Sainik School Imphal, I had the honour of joining a school level painting competition, there – we were given the option to choose the drawing sheets according to what we have to draw. Some chose the lined out sheets, for they know what they will draw and some chose sketched out scenery sheets for they know the perfect colour to put back to life. And I had no options in-front of me but a lot inside me. There I picked a blank sheet, drew something I saw in me, coloured in a way I dreamed. It’s not just a painting competition I joined but a life changing competition, most think that options are only those which are laid in-front of them but few know it’s what is in them – that willingness, that fire, that hunger to create – that is what choice in life is. Life is not a game of choices but a construction of choices.
I know most who are reading this article must be going through something tough, you must be thinking that there is nothing you can do, you must be thinking that choices are nothing but those you can see in-front, but trust me, willingness is the key to create choices. If you want to have more choices, you have to create more not search more–if you want to have more chances, you have to risk more not wait more, if you want to have more opportunity, you have to build more not find more – if you want to have more happiness, you have to give more not store more – if you want to be more rich, you have to invest more not save more.
It’s nothing but the simple willingness that creates choices in us to feel confident in every blank page that life provides us. It’s that simple introspection that creates all the perceptual differences making us create more than to search more.
Life on this green ball is just a cosmos of magic. From a simple soil to the tallest trees, from a drop of water to the biggest whale, when you are surrounded by magics of creation, when you are surrounded by nature that can create from anything to anything–why is it so hard for you to create more dreams in you? Why is it so hard for you to create more options in you ? Choices ? Happiness ? I am here talking about the possibility–if a single soil can create the biggest tree, why can’t your complex heart decide to create more choices ?
Trust me, every day I wake up to a world that never fails to surprise me– “someone’s opinion of you does not have to become your reality,” how ? Slow people are called, “people who have bird brains,” but can you make the nest like they do, hell no. If so, you should stop looking for opinions from outside or options from outside, your ability to create reality is all inside and all you have to do is–be willing to believe in yourself, be willing to say, “I bloody can be what I want to be and I hell can do it anyhow.”
Dream–dream more–dream many more, work–work more–work many more. Lastly, you are created from just two cells, so believe me–doing what you wish to do, following your passion, loving yourself, becoming a doctor, becoming the person you wish to be–everything is way easier than you think. If you find it hard, maybe you are not trying harder.
The writer is a major in International Business Marketing from Algonquin College, Ottawa, Canada. He can be reached at [email protected]