Senapati district administration issues order to protect Amur Falcon

Our Correspondent
Senapati, Nov 11:  The district administration Senapati has prohibited hunting/killing of wildlife including Amur Falcon, the migratory birds which are sighted in some parts of Senapati district.
While noting that the bird is passing the district as its migratory route, the administration appealed to the public to contribute in making Senapati one of the hotspot destinations for the Amur Falcon.
District Magistrate/DC of Senapati, Th Kirankumar also urged the village authority of the 7 villages of the district to strictly monitor the implementation of the said order to check hunting, catching, killing and selling of the protected bird.
The migratory birds' Amur Falcon is likely to pass Phaibung, Lakhamai, Karong, TNK Senapati, Makhel, Tobumai & Kaibi.
Notably, the district administration, Forest Officer,Senapati, Karong Senapati Town Committee (KSTC) and different villages of the district have been prohibiting hunting, killing & selling of wildlife for many years.
Moreover, Senapati police, DFO Senapati & KSTC have also organized a drive against selling and marketing of wildlife in Senapati DHQ. However, selling & killing of wildlife especially deers, wild boar, birds, wild hen, wild cats, porcupines & other wildlife were frequently sighted in DHQ markets and in remote villages.