Amur Falcon (Akhuaipuina) A thanksgiving!

Dr Ranbir Laishram
Oh, Human !
My home is the Mother Nature.
Anywhere,I choose to stay,
Wherever, it suited me,
In the open forests and grasslands,
Roosting on exposed perches or wires,
In the fathomless sky.

With the change of climate,
I travelled far and wide,
From Siberia and China, my summer breeding grounds,
Touching the shores,
Across the continents,
To my wintering abode in South Africa.
For centuries,
Following the path of my ancestors,
I visit the "jeweled land",
Few weeks, every year,
For  food and shelter.
I thrive on termites,locusts and other insects,
Which destroy your verdant crops.
But, your heartless falconers,
Captured and slaughtered us mercilessly,
For a good meal and small market.
You never understand,
My love for your resourceful land,
A sanctuary of my forefathers,
Unaware to many of you.

Lately, having recognized my
Incredible,awe inspiring migration,
And invaluable service,
You take great care of my life,
In times of my stay here.
You radio - tagged me, a decoration.
I don't mind carrying the load.
Your deeds in good faith,
For getting  some vital informations
Of my travel route,
My long exhausting journey.
You also named me
With  the names of your river and land.
Celebrate annual festivals
In honor of my visit.
And create awareness
Of the need of my protection.
How happy I am now !
For the hospitality you have shown me.
I assure you I shall come and stay here,
Every October.
But on one condition,
Protect me from the ruthless poachers,
For, I symbolise
Wisdom,vision and protection for your community.