Understanding the works of Independent filmmaker Haobam Paban Kumar

James Khangenbam
(Contd from previous issue)
You should work with an editor who knows all the process of post-production not just the editing skill. After editing the file has to be send for colour correction, simultaneously the sound work will also have to be initiated and another file for sound mixing and designing has to be sent. So, the editor has to know all the requirements very clearly.
For an independent film, the editor acts like technical head. Consulting him before actual shooting is required, there are certain things the cameraman does not know.
It is just like coming back of the celluloid era where everything has to be handled delicately. After postproduction, you need to convert the files into DCP format so one has to know all types of files be it audio or video and should not be confused about it.
Colour correction should not be done with sound file and post colour correction you have to merit the video file with the sound file, just like the celluloid days. Sound does not have to be confused with frame rate, you just need to think about the length of the sound file, some people got confused with it.
Sound should not be taken as a different entity. A filmmaker should know all the technical know-how, if there is a problem in the knowledge gap then one should consult a technical person starting from the shooting stage.
If you hire a good camera, an assistant will accompany him to back up the video file. It starts from the process on how to back up. Nowadays there is an assistant who is available on the shooting spot for the backup works.
Recently, I shot my film with an ALEXA camera, an assistant constantly follows the camera to back up the video files I shoot. While converting to DCP, one has to be very careful.
Some people also convert DCP with pirated software. It is not very costly and one should think about it. DCP is your final film and your film needs to be previewed at a theatre with proper projection and sound facility.
Q : What is a Script Writing Lab ?
A : Participating in a script writing lab is very good. Chances of winning resources is very high even if you did not win fund, obviously at the end of the lab you will acquire a good script. It is easier to approach producers with a good script in hand.
With a complete script, one can apply for production grant at Rotterdam and many other places. Suppose if you win fund from Rotterdam, chances of your film getting premiere at Rotterdam Film Festival is high.
Even after you complete shooting your film with a production grant you can still apply for post-production fund. The competition is very tough. The tag of attending one or two script writing labs is very helpful.    (To be contd)