Fix it or be as it is

Bretina Rajkumari
How do you feel when the weather is nice and clear ? I’m sure you feel happy and refreshed like all do. When I was around 8 years old, I really loved to watch snow filled landscapes over the TV, no doubt - I still do. It was more like a dream-watching a snowfall. I always thought, “Wouldn’t it be heavenly to see snowfall in real life?” Imagine-A landscape, full of sparkling snow,  wouldn’t it be an amazing thing to see ? Well ! Every person has different desires, dreams and aspects in life.  So, have you ever imagined what would happen if the things which you want to see or those you want to treasure or worlds you think are beautiful suddenly just disappear from you ? Nightmare.
Few years back, a drastic change came up in the climate condition and temperature of the Earth’s surface namely - Global Warming. According to the facts, it is said that Global warming is the long term heating of Earth’s climatic system since the pre-industrial age due to human activities. And there are so many things that we can discuss and work on about this particular issue.                                  
How do you feel about the present weather condition ? In my opinion, I think the weather has become a bit unpredictable. For instance, we experience different types of weather conditions even in a day. Global warming is contributing to the extreme climatic conditions like in summer, temperature goes too high and winter is another crazy coldness. As it’s getting hotter, there is a rapid rise in melting glaciers, ocean water level, forest fires, droughts and many natural calamities.
Why does the globe become hotter ?  Never-ending change in human lifestyle makes it worse day by day, application of advanced technology to make our life comfortable and easier. These technologies produce many harmful gases like carbon dioxide, carbon mono-oxide, chlorofluorocarbons, etc. which mixes in the atmosphere and makes air polluted, which results in ozone layer depletion. Not only in the atmosphere but also it affects marine life as temperature rises due to the emission of greenhouse gases that results in an unsuitable atmosphere for aquatic life.
Meanwhile, it’s also the same for the animals as well, they had to suffer so much because of us to an unimaginable extent. Animals face a lot of inconvenience with the change of temperature. In fact, some of them are almost at the brink of extinction. Different species in the world are living in their different atmospheric conditions. For example, polar animals are becoming endangered due to the change in temperature and melting of glaciers.
Impact of global warming on plants is also an important thing to be discussed about. Changing climate conditions make irregular rainfall which creates unfavourable cosmos for various plants to grow. Which can lead to the extinction of many plant species. Unexpected rainfalls adversely affect soil erosion and reduce soil fertility which is undesirable for most of the plant species for their growth.
Therefore, what can be done to have the best of both worlds? All these changes are due to our necessities which are important to us but on the other side it is harmful for nature. These problems can become irreversible if we don’t take initiative to reduce these undesirable changes. We all are responsible for this and we must not neglect it in this case. Our lifeline is degrading day by day because of the changes caused by us. We must not lose our amenity and try our best to make up for the mistakes that put our future in danger. For the sake of our generation and also for the generations to come after us, we need to get our act together. As we all know the causes and consequences, we can easily figure out what we need to do in order to save our environment. Let me leave with a question? I know I am just in 8th grade, but “don’t you get scared thinking your future is nearing its end which once you thought was endless ?”  

The writer is a class 8, section B student of UNACCO and can be reached at [email protected]