Officials ready for Lilong & Wangjing-Tentha by-elections

Thoubal, Nov 6: Altogether 828 polling personnel and 1,500 security personnel have been stationed at 92 polling stations of Lilong and Wangjing -Tentha for by-election duty.
Electors of the two ACs will exercise their franchise from 7 am to  5 pm, tomorrow.
Security measures have also been intensified at 9 sensitive polling stations to avoid untoward incident(s).
The votes will be counted on November 10.
Altogether 3 candidates namely Alhaj Abdul Nasir (independent), Y Antas Khan (independent) and Md Azizul Haque Khan (INC) are contesting for the Lilong Assembly seat while another three are contesting for the  Wangjing-Tentha seat namely Paonam Brojen (BJP), Moirangthem Hemanta (INC) and Sarangthem Manaobi (independent).
It is reported that at least one ASHA and Anganwadi worker will also be deployed at each polling station to supply facemask, hand gloves and hand sanitizer to the voters.