Villages condemn 34 AR, demand apology

Our Correspondent
Senapati,  Nov 6: Three villages Oklong Khunou, Oklong Khullen and Maryram have condemned the alleged assault on Oklong Khunou Village chairman  cum chief PF Joshua Chawang yesterday by 34 Assam Rifles at Maram Khunou.
A statement issued by the development committee of the three villages demanded an immediate apology from 34 AR.
The committee said that the victim was waylaid by the jawans of 34 AR in between Oklong Khunou and Senapati DC office and 'assaulted' him.
The victim co-operated with the AR officer who was in civil dress (tracksuit) at the time of questioning, it said adding that intimidating, assaulting and harassing innocent public is "unacceptable and provoking".
Claiming that such incidents occur frequently along the Oklong-Senapati road, the 3 villages demanded an immediate apology from the 34 AR.
The public will not remain silent if the demand is not entertained.