MUSU decries stir against drive to vacate non bonafide hostellers

The Manipur University Students' Union (MUSU) has condemned the stir by a few class representatives against the union following the drive to vacate the rooms occupied by non-bonafide individuals.
President of the MUSU, in a statement said that the union is striving to ensure a better academic atmosphere in the university.
To further their cause, general body meetings and executive level meetings have been conducted from time to time with the support of class representatives (CRs), the statement said.
Even as the COVID-19 issues persist, all the elected members of the union have been in touch and communicating via WhatsApp group, it said.
However, the stir by some CRs levelling unfounded charges to the union and closure of the office on November 6 while the VC in-charge, Dean of Students' Welfare along with hostel warden or caretakers were conducting a drive to vacate hostel rooms occupied by non bonafide students or outsiders for years, is condemnable, it said.
Some individuals who are not even students disturbed other hostellers on October 31 at around 10.30 pm by playing loud music under the influence of intoxicants, it stated. When approached by the president of MUSU to not disturb other hostellers who were either trying to rest or study, they 'assaulted' three students, including the sports secretary of  MUSU, it continued.
Following the incident, a complaint was lodged with the MU authority on November 1, it said.
It is evident that such non-bonafide students have been indulging in hooliganism and disrupting the academic atmosphere from time to time, it said.
They are also occupying the rooms which the students from remote areas deserve, it said while adding that MUSU resolved to end the regime of such individuals.
Considering the matter, the VC in-charge, Dean of Students' Welfare had assured MUSU to vacate them from the hostel and took the action on November 6 with a team led by the VC in-charge.
However, some CRs started creating unwanted scenes, likely on the behest of those vacated and hurled unfounded charges of misuse of funds to put MUSU executives and Dean of Students' Welfare in the wrong light, it said.
It further clarified that MUSU approached the MU authority with due consultation of all constituent members and the drive was conducted not in the interest of some individuals. There is no such case of fund misuse by secretaries in the executive committee either, it said.
MUSU also appealed to the CRs to concentrate on their affairs and look after the requirements of their respective departments, it said.
They are open to consult the executives if there is any anomaly in the functioning of the union and their positive suggestions are always welcomed, it said while appealing not to act under the behest of some outsiders.
It further warned the CRs whose terms had expired, not to create tension in connection with the drive.
While reiterating that the union is for all the students of the University,  the MUSU also appealed to MU authority to ensure clearance of non-bonafide students from the hostel rooms by November 9. MUSU, while urging all concerned to refrain from self centred activities that could tarnish the image of the university, maintained that the union will not be indulging in any sort of conversation in connection with the drive.