'Allegations against M/Ningthoupham village baseless'

Our Correspondent
Senapati, Nov 8: Village Authority of M/Ningthoupham has asserted that the charge levelled by the wife of INC candidate contesting by-election to 51-Saitu Assembly segment against the village (M/Ningthoupham) is baseless.
Speaking to media persons during a press meet held today, secretary of the Village Authority, PY Banky stated that nobody came and touched Regina Pamei Haokip, w/o the INC candidate, on the day of polling.
Sources from the village mentioned that the village authority neither harassed her nor pulled her out from the village as she alleged on the day of polling.
The secretary further asserted that the allegations made by Regina Pamei are unfortunate and baseless.
Mention may be made that polling in 51/4, Mayangkhang (B) at M/Ningthoupham ended peacefully.