Saitu by-election INC candidate Dr Lamtinthang Haokip, MPCC demand repoll

Our Correspondent
KANGPOKPI, Nov 8: INC candidate from 51-Saitu  Assembly Constituency, Dr Lamtinthang Haokip has written to the Returning Officer of 51-Saitu (ST) AC by-election in Kangpokpi district seeking a repoll at 10 polling stations.
In the letter to the Returning Officer, Dr Lamtinthang Haokip put up his discontentment and dissatisfaction with Polling Officer's report from 10 Polling Stations in 51-Saitu AC.
The polling stations as mentioned by the INC candidate are, 51/3 Mayangkhang Khunou, 51/4 Mayangkhang(B), 51/5 Tumuyon Khullen (A), 51/6 Tumuyon Khullen (B), 51/33 Leilon Vaiphei, 51/37 Leimakhong, 51/47 Khoripok, 51/50 Khoken, 51/52 Kharam Pallel and 51/53 Tingkai Khullen.
The INC candidate also stated that he will not consider post-poll scrutiny completed until video coverage/clips of the said polling stations are provided.
Speaking to media persons, Dr Lamtinthang Haokip said that armed goons, village authority entered the booths.
He also stated that some voters were denied to exercise their rights at various polling stations.
He demanded that the said polling stations need re-poll and the concerned authority must take action for the re-poll in the larger interest of democracy.
The INC candidate further said that his chief agent and general secretary along with few of his workers also could not exercise their franchise as they were detained inside Sekmai PS lockup.
Meanwhile, the Manipur Pradesh Congress Committee also wrote to the Election Commission of India demanding a re-poll.
MPCC claimed that the polling procedure was irregular to the extent that since the start of the polling process all voting proceeded through proxy voting.
It also said that the booths were captured by the BJP workers.
Henceforth, fresh poll/re-poll may be ordered under Section 58(B) and Section 58(A) of the Representation of the People Act, 1951, it added.