The one ticket to possibilities

The clearest and the cleanest glass serves you a hinder-less, boundary-less visionary experience but seeing through ain’t pleasing as getting through. Life makes you see through things but never allows you to get through things. Let’s dig the finest irony – the highest cleanest quality transparent glass is the hardest to break.
“If you want to be successful, don’t grow up.” Most must now be extremely confused with this bold statement. Let me break it down to its simplest, growing up–during the early stages–I wanted to be a Spiderman. With all seriousness–I ran after spiders to make them bite me–so I could shoot webs. Believe me or not–I truly thought I could really become Spiderman. Did I have doubts ? 100% NO. Apart from me trying to become the person who could climb walls–I wanted to be anything that I saw. I swear–one time, I was trying hard to become a Sumo Wrestler – just because someone told me–I would earn just for being fat. Well! I am still fat but I left that dream a long time ago. On a serious note – this is not just me trying to be “CAN MAN,” but I feel all can relate to my crazy childhood. Don’t get me wrong–I am not supporting the idea of trying to be everything we saw but go deeper. Let’s go deeper – how did you feel when you thought you could take on anything you saw ? Were there fears ? Were there doubts ? Were there insecurities ? Was there even a moment you thought you could not ? Funny but NO.
Why ? Let me ask you why ? Why were you so strong with those craziness ? Did you have any skills to be those you thought you could ? Did you even have money to buy a simple Batman costume ? No. But then why ? YOU BELIEVED IN YOURSELF. You don’t need to have something possible to believe in something. I don’t even know if there is even a thing called “after-life,” but I pray. Like you believed in yourself when you were a kid, keep up that–never grow up from that.
So, please readers, you might not have the skill you need to have now, you might not be rich enough to do what you want now, you might not be good enough in something to be who you want to be now, you might not be good in studies, you might be extremely bad-looking, but if you stop believing in yourself–everything that could stop you will walk-in your realm of reality and definitely stop you completely.
“I believe I can be an amazing singer,” do I have a good voice ? Hell no–my mom mistook my voice with monkey’s cry this morning just because I sang a little loud. But does that affect my belief ? NO. This world is run by beliefs, half of the Hindus won’t even know how many Hindu Gods are there, but still they fight for their belief.
Please listen to me, you can be better, you can grow, you can learn, you can be richer, you can be more handsome, you can be more successful – but to have all these – you have to believe in yourself before having all these. This is strong – let me repeat – you can believe that you will be rich when you are living under no roof.
Never thought the world “believe” or someone’s “beliefs” would be this powerful. Don’t throw this away for just Gods and religions, bring this home, “start believing in what you could, not only in those you did.” “Believe,” this will be the one ticket to make you smile for an amazing blanket that you will have in the future while you are sleeping on the streets. “Believe,” is the only friend that will help you forget your hunger when you are left on the streets with no food for over 2 days.
Listen, I believe in you, yes – the person reading this article, I don’t know you but I don’t have to know you to believe in you. Yes ! You can do wonders–you can be the change–you can be who you want to be. Go get it today.  
The writer is a major in International Business Marketing from Algonquin College, Ottawa, Canada. He can be reached at [email protected]