Valley volley

Dr Robert Shimray
(Contd from previous issue )
A lengthy and great debate, so to say, has gone viral, bringing misunderstanding and misconception among the stake holders of every institution. Mind you, who is at a loss at the end of the day ? It’s the students, school going children, who are thought of as the future. For which, such a great debate is only but tarnishing, making the future bleak.
What seemed as ‘tug of war’ between the Government and the Private Schools has but become the talk of the day. One can find colorful press release in its texture as expressed from both ends. Susceptible to being at a great loss, the suffering is very much a surmountable outcome. For which, Private Schools have been time and again pleading with the Government to intervene to its rescue. But, alas! as a team in volleyball is allowed to have three touches of the ball before it must be returned over the net, the Government has done in like manner in three consecutive orders of late, which have but added much to the misfortune and hardship as faced by the latter translating it into a ‘hard hit target’. If not, the intended motive behind in the context of schools in the hills is but not for any sort of profit anymore, especially during such crisis, but at least in order to retain the dedicated teacher, for which the expected amount to be collected is to be given out to them to show thankfulness in return to their sacrificial commitment as entered for a year. But having tasted of somewhat-like - the indifference toward the plight of the schools under the higher authority, when education is to be ‘shaping the future’ seemed to have become ‘shunning the future’.
When everything is said and done who is to be blamed ? Let us remember, blame game will not take us far. It will not be able to suffice the need in shaping the future generation, but at the end of the day it will only ruin the so-called ‘future generation’. Hence, the Valley Volley.

The writer is, Principal, Maringmi Memorial School, Phungreitang, Ukhrul.