The cry of a disgruntled citizen

C Thangminlal Doungel
Contd from previous edition
They are not paid their remuneration for months and months and left to beg and survive from hand to mouth. Their dreadful situation has proliferated the sufferings of their families. All these are prominent signs that, Government approach towards education has leapfrogged many pertinent elements that are paramount in ensuring the fruit it earnestly desires to reap.
I am afraid, if this is where our experience and luminous minds have brought us, we have utterly failed in our mission to ensure the “Right Education” let alone the basics. In addition the apathy and negligence of the Government in disbursement of the minorities scholarship for the academic year 2017 is a clear proof of its inability to sustain its governance credibility. And the present Government should be mindful, that even the previous Government (Congress) was not this callous in its approach towards the same.
Way forward
The time is right to take a paradigm shift from the present status quo to avoid further lacunas in our endeavor to harvest the fruit of universal right to education in the State. The Government should deepen and broaden its understanding of reality and work towards realizing its quest for the ultimate goal.
Firstly, it should ascertain that the problem is multifold, and that, its “one-size-fits-all” solution is obsolete. Secondly, the Government should make consistency its second skin while committing itself to ensure the universal right to education, before raising its expectation too high.
 Lastly, the Government should not be too ambitious in making announcements just to gratify the ignorant, which is not in congruence with its own ideals.
The ultimate success of the project therefore lies with the Government flexibility to address the things that require immediate attention; and not simply adverting peoples attention with one that sounds like a dubious manifesto.

(Views are personal)