ENNWU stands by Pan Naga Hoho

Eastern Naga National Workers Union (ENNWU) has decided to stand by Pan Naga Hoho.
In the statement ENNWU stated, "Agreed upon by NSCN negotiating team and the Government of India that this statutory body shall be established so that Nagas everywhere will be able to get together under one body under the banner of Naga flag."
ENNWU held a meeting at Dimapur on Monday to discuss the critical importance of Pan Naga Hoho for the Nagas at this crucial juncture of Indo-Naga political talks, nearing the signing of a political agreement.
The statement added, “We are highly impressed by the positive outcome of the Indo-Naga political talks on Pan Naga Hoho and Naga flag. The essence of the Naga Nationhood and political movement is being kept alive under this arrangement. Under no circumstances, shall the ENNWU backtrack from the decision taken and all members of ENNWU unanimously resolved to strongly stand by the Pan Naga Hoho as agreed upon by NSCN and Government of India."
The meeting further elaborated that Pan Naga Hoho will enable the Nagas everywhere to come under one umbrella.
 The ENNWU leaders took this stand because they cannot forget their brothers and sisters living in others areas like Arunachal, Assam and Myanmar.
“There is no need to develop any wrong concept because Pan Naga Hoho is simply a cultural body that brings all Nagas under one banner and would stand for the welfare and development of all Nagas. The ENNWU reminded of the stand taken by ENPO in 2007, December 18th Tuensang, wherein a resolution was adopted to support unification of all Nagas regardless of territorial demarcation,” the statement added.