Nine member team formed to probe Jugindro's dealing More mud slinging marks MPP's internal crisis

By Our Staff Reporter
IMPHAL, Feb 12 : Apart from dissolving the posts of the general secretary, secretaries and central cells which functioned under his presidentship, central committee of the MPP has constituted a nine member team to probe the charge of misappropriating Rs 5 crore against O Jugindro.
This decision was taken one day after the central committee of the party resolved to not only remove O Jugindro from the post of president but also expel him from the primary membership of the party on the charge of misappropriating Rs 5 crore.
Apart from dismissing O Jugindro and naming L Krishnadas as interim president and M Amutombi as the working president, three general secretaries have been appointed today.
Speaking to reporters today, general secretary H Gitajen said that apart from tarnishing the image of the party, O Jugindro has also misappropriated money for his own selfish ends, thereby making a mockery of the MPP in the eyes of the public.
Levelling more charges, Gitajen said that Jugindro violated seniority norms in naming a young S Brojen as the president-in-charge when he (Jugindro) had to leave Manipur to get treatment outside on January 6 this year. Jugindro conveniently overlooked the fact that there are two VPs senior to Brojen, he added.
This was done to carry forward his personal agenda, charged Gitajen.
Other than this, Jugindro also ignored the repeated reminders of the central committee to convene a meeting of the working committee to discuss party strategies, said Gitajen and added that no annual conference of the party was also held.
Jugindro was named as the candidate of the MPP for the Lok Sabha elections last year, and it was agreed that the needed fund for the election would be procured as loans.
It was also agreed that a finance management committee will be formed to oversee the fund usage for the election, said Gitajen.
According to the account statement of the party, the expenditure in the election was Rs 1,14,44,920, said Gitajen but added that the amount used for the election was Rs 67,26,600. On top of this Jugindro had spent over Rs 40 lakh, charged Gitajen.
The amount taken as loans as well as the interest incurred worked out to Rs 92,75,600 said Gitajen and added that as per the account statement a sum of Rs 68.77 lakh has been repaid.
Over and above this, it also came to light that O Jugindro had taken Rs 17.40 lakh as loans, said Gitajen and added that this was done without the knowledge of the finance committee.
When the party approached Jugindro to repay the money, he started avoiding the party's men, charged Gitajen and added that requests to convene a meeting of the central committee to discuss the financial status of the party failed to cut ice.
“This was when the two vice-presidents of the party and myself decided to convene the meeting,” said Gitajen.
Apprehensive that the meeting would expose the dirt, Jugindro started expelling members of the MPP, charged Gitajen and added that this was when he started appointing his relatives to key positions in the party.
Jugindro supposedly spent over Rs 1 crore in the MP election but could manage just a little over 1000 votes, charged Gitajen and added that it is to save the MPP that Jugindro has been expelled from the party.
The new office bearers of MPP will give new thrust to the party, said Gitajen and urged the people to repose their faith in the party.
Interim president L Krishnadas and working president M Amutombi were also present at the press meet.