Give suitable honorarium: VDF Assn

By Our Staff Reporter
IMPHAL, Feb 13 : The All Manipur VDF Welfare Association has urged the State Government to provide suitable pay (honorarium) for VDF personnel while appealing the Government to deliberate the matter in the Assembly session.
A press release issued by general secretary of the association stated that a sum of Rs 6,730 is allotted as payment for VDF personnel, who are carrying out their duties 24x7. However, the salary is not enough to manage a family or look after the basic necessities in today's time.
Saying that the Chief Minister had earlier mentioned about rendering Rs 8000 as payment, the association appealed to increase the pay as the proposed amount is still not suitable in today's time.
The association further urged to release the 13 months salaries of VDF personnel as well.
It also appealed the Government not to deduct the Provisional Tax from their honorarium and to change the RR associated with VDF apart from facilitating service security.
The association urged the State Government to discuss the above matters in the Assembly session.
Foundation day held
By Our Staff Reporter
IMPHAL, Feb 13 : Association of Premier State College Senior, Manipur (APSCS) observed its 15th foundation day at the association's office in DM College campus today.
The members observed two minutes silence to honour the late members of APSCS.
APSCS president K Chandradhan, vice president Dr Ch Jamini, general secretary Dr AK Chisti and joint secretary Dr O Kumar attended the function.