Manipur leading medal tally in 41st National Masters Athletics Championship 2020


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By Our Sports Reporters
IMPHAL, Feb 13: With 18 gold, 8 silver and 7 bronze medals added to her tally Thursday, Manipur is leading the 41st National Masters Athletics Championship 2020 underway at Khuman Lampak Main Stadium with a total of 54 gold, 31 silver and 31 bronze. Closely following Manipur is Assam with 37 gold, 47 silver and 41 bronze medals.
Kh Lalbabu was among the winners who added gold medals to Manipur's tally Thursday. He completed the above 85 years Men 200 metres event in 36.6 seconds to clinch gold ahead of Assam's Bhubon Phukhan and Andhra Pradesh's Ch Ramaswamy.
Other medal winners on the 5th day
Age group - 65+ Men 200 metres: Manipur's Th Letpu Kom shared the first place with Tamil Nadu's C Ponraj as both completed the event in 29.4 seconds. Manipur's L Imocha Singh finished second in 29.5 seconds.
50+ Women 200 metres: Manipur's W Bidyabati (34.7 seconds) won silver behind Renu Sharma (31.5 seconds) of Delhi.
55+ Women 200 metres: Th Memcha Devi (31.5 seconds) added one gold medal in Manipur's tally. Tamil Nadu's Jemma Joseph  and Bilashi Kumsing of Assam won silver and bronze medal.
60+ Men 200 metres: S Thambal Sharma (72.3 seconds)  finished first to add a gold to Manipur's tally. Jagada Talukdar (28.9 seconds) and Joychand Daimary (30 seconds) of Assam finished second and third respectively.
80+ Women 200 metres: N Tombimacha Devi (55.3 seconds) clinched gold.
60+ Women 200 metres (Hurdles): Abujam Sandhyarani Devi (56.9 seconds) and S Surodhoni Devi (1:0.3 minutes) bagged gold and silver medal respectively.
70+ Men 2000 metres Steeple Chase: Manipur's Thoudam Nabakumar Singh (11:22.4 minutes) and Rajmukar Ranjit (12:07 minutes) bagged the gold and bronze medal respectively while Jharkhand's Manik Lal Chatterjee (11:32 minutes) bagged silver medal.
75+ Men 300 metres (Hurdles): Manipur's Longjam Bhubon (1:04.5 minutes) finished first ahead of Tamil Nadu's K Veeraiyan and Kerala's MJ Jacob.
35+ Men 3000 metres Steeple Chase: Devraj Achoibam (13:31.8 minutes) finished third behind Achint Gabel (12:27.4 minutes)  of Chhattisgarh and RW Kdche (13:31.3 minutes)  of Maharashtra.
55+ Men 3000 metres Steeple Chase: Manipur's Yumnam Brojen Singh (13:28.2 minutes) won leaving behind Mohan More of Maharashtra and M Yogendra of Karnataka.
70+ Women 5 km Walk: Th Ibemhal Devi (39:54.4 minutes) walked the fastest ahead of Assam's Anu Gogoi and Tripura's Shefali Bardhan.
40+ Women Hammer Throw: Manipur's Rajkumar Romita Devi (16.80 m) finished second behind Delhi's Indu Bala (20.57 m). Seema Mindhe (16.71 m) of Maharashtra bagged bronze.
45+ Women Hammer Throw: Delhi's Indu Bala (32.56 m) won her second gold leaving behind Manipur's S Landhoni Devi (20.23 m) and Assam's Renuka Baruah (18.56 m) who won silver and bronze medal respectively.
45+ Men Hammer Throw: M Debraj Luwang (28.59 m) finished third to win bronze behind West Bengal's Dharmendra Singh (38.35 m) and Karnataka's Manju N (29.74 m) who won the gold and silver respectively.
55+ Women Hammer Throw: H Memi Devi (27.10 m) bagged gold while Sushila Phogat of Haryana and Maria Joana Pereira of Goa clinched silver and bronze respectively.
60+ Women Hammer Throw: Manipur's S Manisha Devi (18.97 m) won bronze. Sadari Gogoi Baruah (21.81 m) of Assam and Sarvjeet Kaur (19.99 m) of UP bagged gold and silver respectively.
65+ Women Hammer Throw: Manipur's L Inaobi Devi (19.13 m) and Waikhom Thaballei Devi (16.54 m) bagged silver and bronze respectively. MAFI's Meena Joshi (19.58 m) bagged gold.
70+ Men Hammer Throw: S Gojen Meitei (29 m) of Manipur bagged gold while Assam's Satyadhar Matak (27.67 m) and UP's BN Mishra (24.62 m) bagged silver and bronze respectively.
75+ Women Hammer Throw: Champa Gogoi (15.02 m) of Assam bagged gold while Manipur's K Rashi Devi (13.05 m) and L Leirangtombi (10.23 m) bagged silver and bronze.
35+ Women High Jump: Manipur's Bichitra Singha (1 m) finished third while Remya Aswas (1.23 m) of Kerala and Runu Boro (1.05 m) of Assam clinched the first and second positions respectively.
60+ Women High Jump: Angom Monon Devi (0.95 m) won gold medal while Tamil Nadu's S Mercy Padmavathy (0.85 m) bagged silver.
65+ Women High Jump: Manipur's K Shyama Devi (0.95 m) won gold while Anu Devi Mahanta (0.95 m) and Haripriya Phukon (0.90 m) of Assam won silver and bronze respectively.
80+ Women High Jump: O Rashi Devi (0.80 m) added a gold to Manipur's tally.
55+ Women Shot Put: Manipur's H Memi Devi (7.90 m) bagged silver while Baby Ghosh (8.11 m) of West Bengal and Sushila Phogat (7.60 m) of Haryana bagged gold and bronze respectively.
70+ Men Triple Jump: Yahub Ali (9.82 m) of Manipur clinched first position while Punjab's Puran Singh (8.79 m) and Delhi's Rattan Singh Malik (8.30 m) clinched second and third positions respectively.
75+ Men Triple Jump: Th Ibocha Singh (7.88 m) of Manipur won gold. Assam's Birendra Natch Dutta (7.22 m) and West Bengal's Amulya Nath (6.20 m) won silver and bronze medal respectively.
95+ Men Triple Jump: Sorokhaibam Mani Meitei (5.49 m) bagged gold.