‘School Fagathansi’ Mission: Focus on Govt schools

The focus is on Government schools and rightly so. It is out of sheer exasperation that many well meaning citizens of the land had suggested that children of all Government school teachers should be made to study in Government schools, so that teachers may discharge their duties more sincerely and more effectively. A line of thought which had also been echoed by some political leaders, all in the hope of infusing some life into the Government schools, which exist only in name. No doubt this suggestion cannot be the answer, for it would amount to saying that everyone should go down with the sinking ship and it is here that the ‘School Fagathansi’ Mission taken up by the State Government becomes significant. Still too early to say if the Mission would be a success or not, but at least the effort to put some vim and life into the Government schools should be noted and acknowledged. Why do Government schools continue to put up such pathetic results year after year is a question that must be on top of the agenda behind the ‘School Fagathansi’ Mission. Rewind some decades back and schools which had made a name for themselves were reduced to also rans after they were absorbed by the Government. This should more than say that quality goes for a big toss when it comes anywhere near to what is understood as the Government and this is something to be ashamed of. Or is it a case of only the teachers not discharging their duties well or something else ?
The BJP led Government at Imphal must have surely explored this question and the answer to whether they have come anywhere near to an answer to this poser will be known by how successful the ‘School Fagathansi’ Mission is. At the moment, five schools have been picked for the Mission and it would be interesting to see how this impact on the performance of the schools in the coming years. More schools are in the line to be ‘adopted’ under this Mission, and much will depend on how the first five such schools perform in the coming years. This is where the focus of the public would be on Moirangpurel High School and Heingang High School in Imphal East; Singjamei Chingamakha High School, Praja High School, Lamshang in Imphal West and SK Ideal High School, Ngairangbam in Imphal West would be. Let the Mission be a success in these five chosen schools and it is more than likely that the rest would try hard to match the standard set by these five schools. Adequate fund earmarked for the Mission, this was Chief Minister N Biren at the inauguration function of the ‘School Fagathansi’ Mission, and while this is welcome let it also be clear that it is not only infrastructure that is needed to inject new life into Government schools. Perhaps those at the helm of the Mission may take a leaf or two out of the Mission/Private schools. It is also important for all to remember that parents and elders too have a huge responsibility in improving how Government schools function.