Cong decries steep hike in LPG price

By Our Staff Reporter
IMPHAL, Feb 13: Coming out strongly against the sharp hike in price of LPG/cooking gas, the Manipur Pradesh Congress Committee (MPCC) has accused the BJP Government of acting against the interest and welfare of the poor people.
Speaking to media persons at Congress Bhawan today, MPCC media panellist Oinam Nabakishore said that yesterday, various oil marketing companies of the country abruptly jacked up the prices of domestic LPG cylinder between Rs 144.50 and Rs 149 per cylinder.
This is an anti-people move orchestrated by the BJP and the Congress vehemently condemns such an act, he said, pointing out that yesterday's price hike was the most drastic since January 2014 and explained that a domestic LPG cylinder costs Rs 858.50 in Delhi, Rs 829 in Mumbai and Rs 896 in Kolkata.
The price hike is also similar for Manipur and all of these will only affect the poor people of the Nation. Such drastic price hike will also force the people to turn to firewood and kerosene or other fuel for their needs, he said, adding that the prices of almost all goods and essential items have also increased during the last few years.
As per the National Statistical Officer, the inflation rate in January this year is 7.59 percent while that in December last year was 7.35 percent. The RBI fixed a target for inflation at 4 percent. Ultimately, the failure of the Indian economy to meet this target, will only affect the common people of the country, Nabakishore claimed.
Labelling the BJP leaders a complete failure when it comes to controlling the rising prices of commodities, the MPCC media panellist said that it is imperative for the Central Government to identify the root cause of the problem.
The Government needs to see if lack of supply, hoarding or black marketing are the reasons for the price hike and take up action accordingly, he added.
On the other hand, Manipur Pradesh Mahila Congress Committee staged a sit in protest  in front of Congress Bhawan today condemning the steep price hike of cooking gas/LPG, pointing out the immense impact it will have on the poor people.
Speaking to media persons on the sideline of the protest,  Manipur Pradesh Mahila Congress Committee president Mutum Sharma said that as per the directive of the AICC, similar sit in protests are being staged all over the Nation today condemning the price hike.
The price of LPG cylinder has crossed Rs 1000 in Manipur. On the other hand, the Government is supposedly giving benefits to the people under the Ujwalla scheme. If the  price of the LPG cylinders keep on increasing, what benefits are the common people going to get, Mutum Sharma asked.
Appealing the Government to act as per the interest of the common people, the president claimed that the committee is not staging the protest with a political agenda.
The prices of commodities and goods keep on increasing and then sometimes decreasing without any control, the president alleged, asking the Government if it considers the people as fools who are supposed to act according to the whims and fancies of the authorities all the time.
Mutum Sharma then pointed out that even though the present Government makes claims of LPG subsidies, only about 10 percent of the people are really getting the benefit.