Naga woman mistaken for Chinese in Mumbai, made to leave building

MUMBAI, Feb 15
Chaos ensued in Chembur society of Mumbai after a local resident shot a video of a 23-year-old Naga woman suspecting her to be a Chinese suffering from novel coronavirus and circulated it online.
According to a Times of India report, the woman had gone to Mumbai on February 10 to visit a friend staying in Chembur when this incident took place.
The woman reached her friend’s apartment in Chembur at 8:30 pm and was ringing the doorbell when a person confronted her and started shooting a video, while trying to make small talk.
Later, the woman’s friend who is also a Naga girl studying in the Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) said that the Naga girl had arrived from the airport and was confronted by her neighbor who assumed that the girl was a Chinese women infected with the deadly coronavirus. It led to a heated argument and the Naga girl was even asked to leave the building after allegations of “racial discrimination” led to further escalation of the conflict. The girl from Nagaland eventually had to leave the building to stay with another friend.
Meanwhile, the TISS student has said that she is likely to file a complaint against the neighbor with the Northeast Students’ Forum for this alleged incident of racial profiling. Inside NE