Class X examination has started ! First stepping stone

A big day it is for over 38 thousand young students who are appearing for the HSLC examinations which started today (February 17). An important date too, no doubt. It is also an important day for thousands of parents and guardians whose children and wards are appearing for the said examination and why not. Undoubtedly one of the most important stages in the life of a student and how the students perform in the said examination will certainly go a long way in helping them to decide which course or profession they should set their eyes on. For those who are adept in Maths and the Sciences, the choice will obviously be Medical and Engineering and for those who are adept in Maths but do not exactly like the Sciences, the choice would be to go in for accounting, business administration etc. For those who are more tuned in to literature, writing, history etc, the aim would be to see if they can crack it to some of the top colleges/universities in the country after their Class XII. In short this is the first stepping stone for the young students to set eyes on their goal, based on their strength and where their inclination lies. This is probably why the Class X examination is deemed to be the first most important step in the life of a student. For those who have set their eyes on securing a position in the top ten or top twenty five, the competition will be tough and here is hoping that there are no goof ups and students are graded according to their performance.
Marks, this is what will determine the merit list of the young students and this is the reason why parents, elders and guardians leave no stone unturned to get the best for their children and wards in the run up to the Class X examinations. The crowd at the residences of any of the more well known teachers will testify how parents take time off from their daily routine to drop and pick their children from the tuition/coaching centres. This routine can be any time of the day, morning or evening and in many cases this exercise starts from the moment the young student enters her high school stage. So in a nutshell the preparations for the Class X Board exams may be said to start from the year the young students are promoted to Class VII or Class VIII. Tuition culture. And this is mostly true in Imphal and again a look at the list of the toppers will reveal that in most cases the toppers are from schools located at Imphal. The same cycle will repeat itself when the Class XII exam result is declared and almost all the students who do well in the Class X exams will make a beeline for some of the more reputed private schools located in Imphal for their Class XI, whichever stream one may choose. As in the past, one can expect many of the more well known private schools to up their ante and offer a number of freebies to attract the toppers and carry on the good show in their institution, which in turn would help them to earn more points in the eyes of the parents and guardians ! This is how it works and no one is complaining !