Leaking question papers of Class XI: Give exemplary penalty

It could be much more than question papers of some subjects leaked and could point to the presence of a bigger ‘gang’ who are in the know and are well placed to lay their hands on the said question papers well before the exams. This is also not the time to take comfort in the lame excuse that the question papers leaked were for the Class XI examinations and not the ongoing Class XII or Class X examinations. Crack the whip, pull up the guilty and probe deeper to see if there is indeed a bigger, well co-ordinated ‘gang,’ a cartel, out to make some quick money at the expense of the young students. Also lay hands on those who received the leaked question papers and see if elders of the family are involved or not. Common sense says that the question papers would not have been leaked if there was no exchange of benefits, read money, and this is where the probable involvement of elders who can fork out the demanded money becomes very likely. Again common sense says that the reach of the cartel could be wide and there is no guarantee that their hands cannot reach the ongoing Class X and Class XII examinations, both of which are underway.  It is a tragedy that while the BJP led Government seems intent on improving the  Government schools under the ‘School Fagathansi’ Mission, there are some elements out there who are determined to mess around with the examinations which will give the certificate of performance to the young students. Thanks to providence this time the question paper leakage has been detected ahead of the scheduled exams but this does not erase the uncomfortable feeling that there could have been cases when such malpractices went undetected.
Class XI examinations and not Class X or Class XII examinations. This is acknowledged but if such malpractices can be detected at the Class XI stage, there is no guarantee that the same would not occur at the Class X and Class XII stage and this is where this becomes all that more frightening and unacceptable. The Council of Higher Secondary Education, Manipur (COHSEM) has responded swiftly and the decision to cancel and reschedule the remaining exams is what is expected but it will need to do more. In Mohendra Pratap, COHSEM has a no nonsense Chairman and here is hoping that the investigation into the case is taken to its logical conclusion. And yes make examples out of those found guilty of messing around with the academic pursuit of the young students. Class XI is the stage when students would be preparing for the next stage and how they do here will help determine how they do when they face the Class XII exams, when the scope of competition becomes much wider and what one has learnt will be tested to the hilt. It would also do justice to the Class XI students if the date for the rescheduled exams can be announced as soon as possible, for here is a case of the preparations of the students being made to run into stormy water for no fault of theirs. It is this ‘culture of cheating’ which can be seen reflected in the mess that one sees in the cancelled 2016 MCS exams.