Rajya Sabha polls

New Delhi, Feb 25: Biennial elections to the Council of States to fill the seats of 55 Rajya Sabha Members from 17 States, retiring in April 2020, will be held on March 26, Election Commission of India stated on Tuesday.
The issue of notification will be on March 6 and the last date of making nominations will be March 13.
Polling will be held between 9 am to 4 pm on March 26, while the counting of votes will be held on the same day at 5 pm.
Out of the 17 States, seven seats are from Maha-rashtra, four from Odisha, six from Tamil Nadu, five from West Bengal, four from Andhra Pradesh, two from Telangana, three from Assam, five from Bihar, two from Chattisgarh, four from Gujarat, two from Haryana, one from Himachal Pradesh, two from Jharkhand, three from Madhya Pradesh, one from Manipur, three from Rajasthan, and one from Meghalaya. Asian News International