Separate land law for the hills ?: Idea of Manipur

The State Government is working out on a plan to have a separate law for the land in the hills. This is what Chief Minister N Biren said on the floor of the Assembly the other day. Not yet clear how this will go down with the hill people especially the Nagas. The Chief Minister also said that he has consulted the issue with leaders from the hills. This is where the hill people need to realise that so far they have been protected by the Constitution, which lays a special emphasis on the tribals. The Meiteis on the other hand are raising the demand that they also be included in the ST list. Nothing wrong here but the biggest worry is why have a different land law for the tribals ? Why is it that a Naga woman cannot inherit landed properties from her parents ? Read the Nagas as Tangkhuls. And Meiteis and Nagas can never be separated. Th Muivah knows this and so do the top leaders of the NSCN (IM). The secrecy of the talks only makes things all the more complicated. This is probably the reason why leaders from Nagaland have been asking that the details of the peace talk be made known to them. There must be a reason why the peace talk is viewed with so much apprehension by the Meiteis of Manipur. And it is this apprehension which Pime Minister Narendra Modi should take note of.
This is where one finds the Naga movement all that more interesting and intriguing. Why is the Naga movement identified largely with the Tangkhuls ? Those who grew up in the 70s and early 80s will remember how many hours it took to reach Ukhrul from Imphal. It was a case of take the first trip from Imphal and reach Ukhrul after dusk, have lunch at Lamlong or Litan, pass through Lamlang Gate. And most of the travellers from Imphal to Ukhrul were Meiteis. Is this the bond that Muivah and his company want to snap ? And how about the Meiteis ? Are the Haos still amangbas ? These are questions all need to ask and not take refuge under slogans such as Ching Tam Amattani !    The sooner  this is realised the better it would be for Manipur.  And yes let the Meiteis also come under the ST status. ATSUM need not worry for Manipur can work itself out once the Meiteis are granted the ST status. All of us are chinkis once one is out of the North East.