Living in the age of nCoV and Swine Flu:Strict vigil : The need

The situation is a bit worryingly alarming. No positive case of coronavirus or nCoV so far, but two persons have tested positive for Swine Flu. So amid the fear generated by nCoV comes the news that two persons have tested positive for Swine Flu and one of them did visit China some time back. At the same time, it is positive to hear that Swine Flu test can now be conducted at JNIMS and this should ease the inconveniences that people have to face while getting their samples sent to the National Institute of Virology, Pune. So two cases of Swine Flu and perhaps the only good thing that one can read into the latest developments is the fact that the samples were sent to have them checked for coronavirus. So far it is a case of negative for coronavirus but positive for Swine Flu and much will depend on how the people and the State Government respond to the unfolding reality. Keep calm is one line of action that the people can take up to combat the twin threats of coronavirus and Swine Flu. This is also not the first time that Swine Flu has hit the State and one just has to flip back to the past few years to understand the grim reality. Perhaps the first time that Swine Flu was detected in Manipur was 2010 when an individual turned out to be positive of the virus. From 2011 to 2014, there were no cases of Swine Flu in the State but in 2015, five people tested positive for Swine Flu. There were no positive cases in 2016,  but in 2017, one patient passed away after contracting the virus.
2018 also followed a similar pattern with one of four cases detected passing away.  Now even as a high alert has been sounded to ward off coronavirus, a similar line of action will have to be taken against Swine Flu. These are dicey times and the Government will need to up their ante and minutely check all who have visited China  recently and anyone coming from Kerala.  Being alert and  being vigilant should be the key to fight the two diseases, one which has already taken a heavy toll at China.  Strict vigil, this is the need of the hour and the border areas need to be put on high alert and anyone found not doing his or her duty should be hauled up and penalised accordingly. This is a serious health issue and one hopes the State Government is keeping a strict vigil on the number of students who are pursuing their medical study at China. This is not to press the alarm button but being alert and on the vigil will not harm anyone. The people too need to be sensitised on the need to be sensitive and not create any trouble with loose talks that can create public alarm. Living in the age of coronavirus and Swine Flu demands that the citizens know their duty and the first is not to create false alarms.