A Wintery Song

-Moirangthem Minakshi Devi

Clumps of snow, on a tree’s bough,
It hangs down low, as a freezing air blow,
The lakes in the Amazon have tuned into sheets of ice,
Surrounded by ice-kissed pines and acorn’s paradise.

Lacy white mountains conflates with the blush sky,
A hint of white more, as a pack of Polar Bear passed by.
The earth is covered in glistening white, shining cooly all the night
With beautiful migratory birds giving cynosure like sight.

This niveous winter, welcomes children to skate,
Scarring the icy-ground that stretch like silver-plate,
It rains heavy snow throughout the season long,
Accompanied by Northern winds, that sings a wintery song.

But Alas! The winter has a grief-tale to say,
As its shifts to its Brittle form veiling the earth in grey.
Its stinging Artic breath, leave the pumping heart freezed,
Taking with it, souls of bodies it has seized.

Yet, a month later or two, upon the horizon the sun ascend.
Much warmer and pleasant, marking the wintery tale’s end.
Grasslings that erupts out of the dewy ground
Carries the fragrance of the advancing spring around.