PM reiterates CAA not to be used to settle outsiders in Assam, NE


PM reiterates CAA not to
New Delhi, Feb 7
Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday said there was an attempt to mislead the people of Assam and the North East over the controversial Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) but such attempts would not be tolerated.
Speaking at a public meeting in Assam’s Kokrajhar, Modi said those spreading rumours that outsiders will be allowed to settle in Assam and other parts of North East was not correct.
“I am here to assure all in Assam that anti-Assam and anti-National mentality will not be tolerated and forgiven by country. Those who are spreading rumours in North East that people from outside will come and settle due to CAA, I want to assure that no such thing will happen," the PM said.
Modi said he expected the suspicions of the people to be over soon and the trust between North East and Union Government would lead to development. He said people using the path of violence and arms should shed that path.
“Choose the path of peace, harmony and non-violence and give up arms, it will lead to development. I want to use this opportunity to appeal to the youth in Kashmir, and naxals who have taken up arms that they should learn from the Bodo people and return to the mainstream and to leave the path of violence," Modi said.
The Prime Minister added that there should be no animosity among people as violence does not lead to development. The PM argued that vote bank politics had led to some people holding back the important issue of development in Assam and North East.
“There is a deliberate attempt to create problems for the country by disturbing Assam and North East. It was because of vote bank politics which delayed development in Assam and North East. The thought of creating problems for North East and India was allowed earlier," PM said.
While talking about Bodo and Bru-Reang issues, Modi said thousands of people became refugees in their own country due to violence but now they were being given new facilities to settle here with full respect and dignity. Modi said thousands of people would now get houses and permanent address. There would also be a special package for the Bru-Reang people, he said.
“I welcome all those who were part of the Bodo Land Movement and have joined the mainstream. After five decades, with full harmony, the expectations and aspirations of every partner associated with the Bodo Land Movement have been respected," added Modi.