It’s all inside you

I understand that we are sometimes over motivated with cyclonic egos like, “I don’t wanna work under somebody.” Tell me one job which you can work under nobody, yes when you don’t really work - you are certainly working under nobody. Over motivation makes your essential primary fears numb taking your hungers for granted, making you feel that failing is nothing serious and should continue to fail proudly.
Don’t be afraid of failing people but failing yourself, be afraid that you might not get the life of your dreams, stop living with expectations and impressions yet with materiality and physicality. If you want to beat up your enemies, you need to practice till the point where you have no choice but to give up, and you mark that point to push yourself a little further to crawl for standing wide and proud on the victory stand. 
There is nothing call a positive critic, all the criticisms are negative, it’s you who have to take in positively or ignore it. 99% of the critics comes to find faults, and to focus only on your faults and make it super heavy that you have to depend on them to take your life decisions. Trust me, the best judge for you is the one in your heart, he will never take you elsewhere, make that thing stay pure. Sometimes, laziness makes you feel over-motivated, making you feel that there is a tomorrow always, but trust me, if you can do it today then don’t wait because you might not wake up from this last sleep.
Sometimes life will make you believe that you are just born to watch others climb, but also remember that those climbers once felt like you feel too. It’s easy to dream, but it’s hard to trust that dream, and the only way to trust that dream is to start ‘trying’ to trust that dream. Everything starts with a try, but 90% gave up without trying, only a few who tries quit after a few shots and only 1% never ever stops trying. And that 1% of the population are the ones creating a huge move. Every success stories are different but only one thing in common; they never quit when they can.
You must have experienced this, people tend to cry more when you console them but when they are told to cry more, they tend to stop. Basically, this means, when you are down, instead of going to people for motivation just remember what your haters told you, it will make you stronger – wanting to proof them wrong by getting back up.
Today, ask this question to yourself, “how long can you stay thinking you will do it tomorrow?” Remember that word ‘tomorrow’ you meant is not the next day but the day you will regret knowing it’s too late. The moment you feel like ‘starting,’ is the moment you need to nurture it and the moment you plan to start from tomorrow is the moment you are nurturing failures.
Wishes are made with hopes but cultures like those in fairytales, wishes are just wishes, but if you wanna change that ‘would’ to ‘should,’ you better keep moving no matter what. It is always a good idea to keep back-up plans but it’s really a bad idea if that back-up is not at all same with the one you have been hunting at first.
Remember that you are born in a world where advice is the cheapest thing available. You get free advices everywhere, and you never stop listening to them, you keep avoiding the advice from within. These advices are voices, and these voices will try to kill the noises inside you, the only means to increase your inner noise is to increase the volume of your “I CAN & I WILL” voices.
The war going on between your dreams and your fear will go on until you force yourself to remind always that, “You might not wake up tomorrow.”
 The writer is a Motivational orator, who currently resides in Canada. Subscribe to his YouTube channel ‘Live With Bir’ to watch motivational. He can be reached at [email protected]; Facebook – Birkarnelzelzit – Young Thoughts; Twitter – Birkarnelzelzit, INSTAGRAM – Birkarnal.