A Tale on Yaoshang

Moirangthem Minakshi Devi
Assemblage of holy-folk seen in a March evening;
Every lane is swarming, looking so beweldering.
The ritual, I witnessed as a child is still new as a newborn,
As ‘Holika’ burns in the blazing fire, so lovelorn.

It’s ‘Yaoshang’ in ‘Kangleipak’ -
A day’s canvas - the ‘Riot of Colours’, called ‘Holi’,
As ‘Gulals’ - red, green, yellow and blue erupt scenes of jolly.
Folk re joicing with sports and colours of prosperity,
Disregarding all their woes and disparity.

It’s ‘Holi’, a day to smear our dreams with ‘Gulal’,
As adults dance hand-in-hand gracefully to the tunes of ‘Thabal’.
Gleaming children go for ‘Nakatheng’ with friends adjoin,
And returns home gleefully with pouch full of coin.

It’s a ‘Spring’ of unbounded fun and frolic,
As fenzy colours splash from every corner of bucolic.
It’s the festival of colours, filled with lustre and gaiety,
A celebration that shows no variance in the society.
A very very happy ‘Yaoshang’.