“Corona Pyaar ra hein”

Not being satirical or ironical or being pointy but slogans from the present government like, “Go Aruna, Aruna go,” is the definition of our country’s seat in ‘Gobar-lisation?’. By the way, who is Aruna? Is she one of those who thinks taking bath in cow urine by body soaping with cow dung will be walling themselves from Corona Devi from Wuhan China. I am also yessing and supporting in the fight from this evil Aruna or Corona, but some Arunas have affected a lot in a very un-orthodox way, it was primarily supposed to attack the respiratory track but some have gone straight to their brains. Footages of people coughing on other’s doors, public elevators, even to doctors in china confirms that corona is not just a respiratory mafia but psychiatric don.
Aruna has added a name for the north-eastern people upon the existing awards i.e. chowmein, momo, chinky, etc. ‘Corona’ is the latest international racism award from the mainland. Racism and Xenophobia is rising like never before, and to all those who thinks hating on anyone who looks Chinese will save them from corona’s invasion, “I am sorry, you are miserably wrong.”
Even though this is stressing the globe, many of the small business owners are building up their market intelligence to rise their price for hand sanitizers and masks. Corona have become the ‘Lakshmi’ for many struggling small businesses, this is not only affecting the normal supply but people are getting looted by these market keepers.
And some of the Bhakts or hindus are seriously stressing on selling or giving out cow urine instead of water minerals and the other half says India will be a superpower country by 2020. This makes me not just wanna drink the cow urine but inject the cow urine in my cerebellum.
At times like this, it’s not just the leaders or the doctors that’s the most important person in fighting the evil corona virus but everyone who has the capacity to be the host of the corona virus. Taking aside corona, at times of a global crisis like this, love and support over any physical, emotional, regional, geographic walls are to be looked down and be willing to spread the wings for helping the people around.
Even though corona has gone in his craziest form, the social media memers won’t stop pulling the legs of the mighty corona virus. Let’s all wait patiently for the doctors to give their best in this war. Keep yourself mentally and physically positive. Let me tell you something that really matches with the current situation.  Time heals but facing the problem at the right time makes the perfect healing with no deformities. To all my readers, you might be doing amazing works, you might have done wonders but just a single comma can take you to hell. But remember your purpose. Never let your failures define who you are. This life, you are living just once, never stop striving for what you love. I faced the biggest fear of not liking by people, now I am way stronger than I was. People will make so much noise, at times you will get confused but use your head to see the goal and your heart to believe in it and your hand to offer to the world. Let’s heal this all together, let’s follow the instructions of the health professionals.
At some point, any time soon the victory will stand in our side. Instead of spreading fault news for views, just help your neighbor by asking their needs, instead of hating your friends for coughing, ask them how they are feeling, instead of telling the kids to drink cow urine, you better understand that science works on facts not faiths.
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