Called corona NE folks racially profiled at Delhi

New Delhi, Mar 19
People from the North Eastern States of India living in Delhi have alleged that they are being racially targeted and are being labelled as "corona". This comes at a time when India is grappling with the rapidly spreading coronavirus outbreak that started from Wuhan city in China in early December last year. As on Thursday, 166 people in India had tested positive for Covid-19, the disease caused by novel coronavirus.
Speaking to India Today TV, Bandana, who hails from the North East and is an advocate practicing at the Saket Court, said of late there have been many instances when people racially targeted her and called her "corona".
"On Holi, some people called me 'corona'. They think people from North East India are Chinese," she said, adding that people from the region are targeted because of their appearance.
Not just Bandana, but there are others from the North East who have faced similar abuses. Riken Lama and Gaurav, students of Delhi University, said they too have been called "corona" in Delhi.
"Besides this, in college, there were many instances when people called us Chinki and Chinese," they said.
Sangeeta Limbu, who also hails from the North East and is living in Delhi said such racial slurs are common.
In the past, people from the North East have raised these issues with the Delhi Police and on many occasions the Delhi Police has taken actions. But racial targeting of people from North East India continues, says Sangeeta. India Today